Wednesday, February 22, 2012


What is this life so full of care 
I don't have time to stand and stare..

In  our quest to becoming the biggest fools,we human beings are continuously tossed around in every direction like a pollen in the winds of past and future.Life never moves smoothly in
proportion to time. Every moment we live in, is either guided by interpretation of our past
or illusion of the future.Consumed fully in the world,fear and hope become the biggest
distractions in achieving eternity..fear of the unknown by a realist and hope for the
'unattainable' by an idealist,we are trapped in the curse of mind and heart,respectively.

But what if we ,for a moment , by living that moment, cut this incomprehensible relation
between life and time.Eternity is always misinterpreted by our shortsightedness, as
something simulating infinity.Something beyond this world.Something related not to this life
but the after-world.
In fact in the world of philosophy and mysticism,eternity means 'TIMELESSNESS'.Escaping the web of time and experiencing life without time's influence on it.Is it possible for an ordinary soul to do so?? Certainly it is, provided we recognize how time influences our present. the answer is simple and already stated earlier.every moment we live is influence by time in the form of :

1- Figuring out our past that is built on nostalgia and memories,some regretful,others
2-the continuous process of evolving and burning midnight oil in the name of a 'better and
promising' future that no matter what we do remains unpredictable with no guarantee of
expiry date.

These two faces of time continuously blur our vision and don't let us appreciate ETERNITY.if
for only a small period of time,we forget the bright yellows we lost in the past and the
passionate reds that may never come and live in harmony with the present violets and oranges
and the blues.If for a moment we try to escape our past and future and recognize the
blessed present,we will escape the bounds of time and find ourselves floating in the
timelessness where only the gifted 'now' lives! Where eternity dwells.Its in this timeless
vacuum where God can be identified.
A famous dialogue from the movie 'KUNG FU PANDA'..
'Quit... don't quit. Noodles... don't noodles. 
You are too concerned with what was and with what will be.
Yesterday is history, 
tomorrow is a mystery, 
but today is a gift. 
That is why it is called the present.'

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  1. amim ye sab batay apki apni hai?????
    mtlb personal

    bht such hai aise he hai interpretation of pas anf illusion of future

    histry mystry and gft..............bht such hai in sab lines main