Friday, February 3, 2012


 there are two kinds of desires .the worldly one and the one many unlucky fail to appreciate in we grow up we pass through events and situations directed by human advice and limited minds.our heart shapes up accordingly.we develop selfishness and ego dwells in our selfcentered minds.our ego grows and prospers with time as we get introduced to the ostensibilities of the world.these are the lowest but very important stages in our quest to finding the purpose and reality of existance..the stages of 'AQAL' and 'FIKR' ..needless to explain these two stages as they are the baseline differentiation between man and animal..but comes what next is the life-making or life-breaking stage ...the stage of 'ISHQ'..
With our hearts and minds nurtured by people and worldly desires,we start walking tall in vanity.our heart identifies the most desired of all worldly temptations and we start falling for it, ISHQ-E-MAJAZI.the purest and most innocent of feelings we develop for another person.ISHQ-E-MAJAZI is no doubt the best feeling one could have in the third stage of knowing our purpose in shows the extent of virtue that man is made up of. soon ISHQ-E-MAJAZI engulfs us as we start enjoying the purity of biggest desire and temptation in the world.and your ego reaches its peak during this time.we set new goals and associate our purpose of life with it...but hold on.this is just a warm up for the next step in getting closer to God.a doorway to heaven...
there are three basic requirements that need to be fullfilled to identify Allah..
1-shunning ego
2-shattered dreams and broken heart

So Allah takes away this most beautiful desire  we possess in ishq-e-majazi.we try our best to get it back but in vain..we start believing that our life has ended since the biggest temptation of world is snatched away from our hands..we pray but complain..we cry in front of Allah and feel helpless..HELPLESSNESS takes away every bit of ego we had,our heart breaks and depression takes control of our lives.until...until it all gets silent and that numbness something new and very powerful ,something very resilient starts building in the heart.this is the phase when ISHQ-E-majazi gives way to ISHQ-E-HAQIQI...
give broken heart sometime ..Allah dwells in it..
        Jo Ulfat Mein Tumhari Kho Gaya Hai, Usi Kho'ay Hoay Ko Kuch Mila Hai
        Na But-Khanay, Na Kabay Mein Mila Hai, Magar Totay Hoay Dil Mein Mila Hai

        Pata Yoon To Bata Daitay Ho Sub Ko La-Makaan Apna
        Ta'ajub Hai Magar Rehtay Ho Tum Tootay Hoay Dil Mein
        Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho

        hairaan Hoon Mairay Dil Mein Sama'ay Ho Kiss Tarah, Haan'la K Do Jahan Mein                                 Samatay Nahi To tum...

during this stage of grief,man goes through continous process of learning.lessons are taught again but this time by a bigger force ,a force that no lower stage person can identify..its when we are being introduced to see in depression you complain to Allah for evrything .in one way or the other you establish a communication with God when you are in the most immense form of pain that world can give.pain of loss of the biggest desire of the world..with time and PATIENCE,you start thanking Allah and realise that nobody in this world could have done anything for you.its only one relation.the relation between you and Allah..

here the first kind of desire ends...then why do only a few people recognize ishq-e-haqiqi when almost everyone goes through the torture of shattered dreams and broken heart?? the answer is PATIENCE. we dont give depression and remorse enough time to teach us more .the moment one desire ends,people fall into another relationship.and so this quest of gaining Allah goes round and round in stage 3..ISHQ-E-MAJAZI should always be kept in heart because they are your purest feelings for the world.they will serve as a source for you to appreciate other peoples feeling,to give happiness and the respectable rights of everyone.unfortunately when people fall too quickly into another ISHQ-E-MAJAZI,not only they leave the learning process but also lose their personality..keep the innocent feelings in your heart forever as lasting memories and move on to the next level of desire ..the ultimate desire....THE PURPOSE OF LIFE..

Once Allah start dwelling in the broken numb heart,we recognize that now no desire in the world could fulfill our thirst and so we are welcomed to the next type of desire. as ASHFAQ AHMED says...

        jab insan ka iishq lahasil rehta hay tu woh darya ko chor kar
        smandar ka pyasa ban jata hay.....choty rasty say hatt kar baday
        madar ka musafir ban jata hay uski talab bdal jati hay"

ISHQ-E-HAQIQI once achieved changes your vision of seeing look at the world,people,events in a completely different way and start enjoying the fourth stage of finding purpose of life ..the stage of REALITY...when Allah settles in your heart and desires,He makes you see what others start getting amused at what other people are doing and how detracked they what stage they grow ever jolly and no worldly tragedy can shake your new ambitions.because you have already lost the biggest desire of Ishq-e-majazi that human beings had to offer and no temptation of the world can detrack you grow quieter from inside.thats why they say that Allah resides in silence and stop complaining to other beings because they cannot do anything about realise in this stage OF REALITY that the purpose of life is none other than finding Allah in your heart...and so you easily let go all temptations that life has in i understand whats the real meaning of..

the last stage is MUARAFAT.and my friends i have no idea what it is.we are too small to comprehend it.but its something like knowing beyond knowing....i believe Allama iqbal and many other scholars that have written such words of knowledge that an ordinary man would find only a work of literature,were actually enjoying this stage of muaraffat..

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