Friday, February 3, 2012


Maturity..a word that separates the two worlds we live in..the world we create in our hearts and the real one..the world of dreams and the world of practicality..
During the course of our life,we make certain important decisions..decisions that define our very existence..that challenge our very instincts ..instincts that man has been blessed with but scummed for..age defines maturity..thats the normal perception in our society..unfortunately that’s the truth but not the whole truth..maturity of mind comes with experiences..the more eventful your life is, the faster you cannot leave everything on age and ignore the remarkable force you have in youth to achieve your desires.
What I have learnt in my life is that the more emotionless a decision is,the more mature it is considered by people.this is the biggest tragedy.yes emotions do influence our decisions but it’s the same emotions that serve as a driving force in accomplishing what a dead heart mature man would find impossible to achieve.
And so this biggest gift to you from God in the form of feelings,beliefs,love and faith is given the slightest of importance when taking a decision..they say when you become too wise,you lose your heart and mind directs you towards logics and logics never apply to faith.logics only support godlessness and atheism.
I might be under-rating maturity of mind too much.but my point is its not a rule to be mature and emotionless.maturity of mind can exist with a dreamful heart.what matters is how you look at life.before making a decision,you must'nt  only  see the peak of the mountain must  realise the extent of commitement,passion and energy building in your heart to reach that peak.and if you find yourself passionate enough about it ….then what are you waiting for..tie up your laces and give it a shot. once you reach that peak,that goal in life…your selfconfidence would be booming to such sublime heights that a dead emotionless heart cannot even think of..
And so you divide the world between idealists and realists.the former being  the strong hearted who rise to follow their dreams no matter how hard life knocks them down and the latter ones who find it easier to just stay back and accept what is and what isn’t..the question my friends is are you a dream follower or a dream hollower…..


  1. enigma and dilemma. i keep my riddles in my mind. i expect people to exoteric my mind. ahhh!!!! how silly i am. how sacred i am. every new day i hope for an angel evey passing night i defeat by scounderal. somtimes i felt lonely when im not sorrounded. sometimes i want solitude when im sorrounded. then, who belonged to me. now belong to she. i left with nthing but memories. i always wondered which one of us was lucis and lucifer. in begining i was lucis and he was lucifer. in the end i am lucifer and he is lucis. anonymous

  2. wow..beautiful words indeed!! the enigma and dilemma of exoteric and esoteric when reality is what we make of it.the never ending tug of war between the heart and mind ,every pull an insult on an already shattered soul..beautiful words indeed 'anonymous'..