Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rascal Mosquit-eers..BITE ME!!( some time-off soul searching!!)

25th March 2012..Sunday 6AM.
                                                I raise white flag declaring ceasefire and accepting my defeat at the hands of nature. All night long nature and I had been playing hide and seek. One mosquito would bite and run back to its base camp somewhere into the mountains like a Taliban and I would start carrying search and kill operation. BUT ‘what can man do against such reckless hate’ right?
                Thanks to the hours long load shedding that our dear nation is blessed with,my mortein Power-Booster was out of order (power-booster my ass!) and the mortein coil burnt its last smoke of the day. So I was running short of ammunition. But that’s not the point! All night long I tried reading the psyche of this tiny creature. I heard somewhere that whenever one mosquito bites, it sends signals to all other mosquitoes nearby that converge from all directions and share the meal. How unselfish! Even in todays world where no one gives a rats ass about others,she send signals to help her fellows. I mean seriously!! Grow up you loud whining bitch!  Why throw tantrum in the air.if you have infact found blood just thank God for it and quietly DRILL,DRINK AND SLEEP! Why shout out. Get a little cooler man.
                While my side roommate could hear ‘Slaps’ all night long, I kept ruminating about the origin and history and possible significance of this irritating dude in nature. HOW DID IT COME TO THIS? There was a time centuries ago when the white haired ancestor, a big fat ass African mosquito-eer  with banana leaves wrapped around its waist (!!!!????) went straight via nose into the brain of an evil guy and killed it. Though it was destiny but even for that poor dumbass ,he was detracted from his path.i mean how often do you see mosquitoes visiting your nostrils! Sigh..
                HOW DID IT COME TO THIS??HOW?HOW? I wondered. How did they grow so sophisticated with time as to be  using biological weapons of warfare ‘ THE DENGUE VIRUS’ nowadays. The weapon that scares the hell out of even the most pious of Mullahs of Lahore. I thought and thought and ‘slapped’ (myself every now and then with every bite) and kept thinking of methods to get rid of these rascals.and no matter how hard you slap yourself thinking that the mosquito would realize it has made you angry...well the poor thing doesn't. one funny way they use in field is releasing sterile males that compete with others for females and contribute thus in reducing population but honestly what do you think those sterile ones cant bite? Doesn’t matter if it’s a sterile one or the other just like it doesn’t matter if its PPP or PTI, they are all pain in the ass!!
                I am not being personal with the mosquitoes. Its just that I couldn’t find a forum where I could criticize these killers. (its less painful criticizing humans,atleast they reply to your criticism). And no, this isn’t part of quest to FINDING ETERNITY either. Funny enough,after posting this in my blog,I could tag PML,PPP,PTI,Taliban,WAPDA and ‘COOLEST OLD AFRICANS’!!
25th March 2012. Sunday 7AM..
                I am taking a valium along with two anti-histamines. I am not going to wake up now you rascals so BITE ME!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


In the wilderness of the desert,cold freezing winds gushing through,on a turbulent yet strangely quiet night..the quietness of the kind which echoes through the ears.moon shining down through the tent door from the sky where stars are brighter than ever before..Im lying in a blanket all wrapped up.Letting thoughts take over the night from here on.Distant folk songs filling the vaccuum,their amplitude rising with every wave of wind thats strikes my tent roof and then disappearing into the silence of the depth of the night.Maybe some soldier is playing his radio loud or is it some local vehicle passing by on its way to destiny..i wonder if this is the this what they have been saying all along ,a solution to finding the eternity ..
In the wilderness of desert,i lie silent and still ,as if my single move would beware the winds of my presance.i lie calm and awake.Far far away from the places where men are busy struggling and women gossip all the time,where lights are too luminous to let the darkness of the night reach my heart,where greed and lust prevail and corrupt the purest of hearts that seem helpless against momentum of time that sweep them along.Far far away from that place where LIVES ARE TRADED FOR MONEY OR SECURITY,WHERE GOD EXISTS NO MORE ESOTERICALLY,WHERE FATES ARE DECIDED ON THE BASIS OF ASSUMPTIONS. I am faraway from such lands.And strangely enough ,I feel secure in this barrenness here that is dominated not by people but the One.Oneness prevails here.everything happening around me right now is a perfect trumpet played in a uniquely harmonious way.
Or is it just my inner state that is at peace and harmony with God and His ways? Maybe everything that fills the air in the desert exists in the land of people too .then is it just the tranquility of the moment that convinces ,my heart, of my God..?
So many questions ,so many thoughts.Sigh,how much more to fight for what i already fought..maybe ill leave the answers to my lord and try to forget the faithless frauds.Maybe i should stop here lest my mind should handle the TRUTH.Maybe its better to put all the 'maybies' away..and call it a day.and live in this moment of serenity that life doesnt very often bless us with.
in the wilderness of the desert,a distant sound of a lost bird weep...sigh! stop thinking your mind out 'Miim' ..its time to sleep.
in the wilderness of the desert that resembles a heart....