Friday, February 3, 2012


remember the exam time and objective paper full of multiple choice fellow BACK-BENCHERS would have an idea that there were certain questions in those MCQs ,the answer to which ,we had no clue we used to think and think and think and always chose the most complicated answer ignoring the easier choices just because they didnt seem to be convincing enough....

same is the case with our quest of understanding the complexities of life.we believe that life is complicated and too hard to understand .so in our search for answers,we think so deep that that we ignore the simple answers to life and our mind is always set to encounter the most complicated of solutions to the problems that life has to offer.simple answers just wont do enough.right!!

one must realise that majority of worldly issues are makes us see only the unsolved issues.these issue continously poke our minds and entice us to think deeper and deeper entangling us into its perplexed thread.we try to solve it but skip the simplest of solutions in finding the end of the thread first.

take some time out.sit in the quiet place and try to relax.let your soul talk to you.who knows you might get all the answers in one go!!

so my friends,think surely but only to solve what is worthed.the answers that could help you find peace in life.the solutions to staying content,positive and purposeful in life.dont plunge too deep into the tempting complexities, answers to which can never be found.ITS ALRIGHT NOT TO KNOW ALL THE ANSWERS...


  1. u wont know the taste of wine,untill u drink some of mine. u wont know the pain of of love,untill u have lost your loved one, u wont know the solitude, untill u spend time in seclusion, u wont know the charisma of book, untill u go thru the pages of my heart, u wont find a pinnacle on earth, untill u die and go to locus amoenus.YANg