Thursday, February 2, 2012


In our life we come across a diversity of feelings and emotions..some of them leave in our heart some great memories..others add to the bad wrinkles on our face.they say grey hair and old age is a book to be read,a story to be heard and a lesson to be learnt.for he has seen so much in life that we still have to it their failures,success or just the resistance to time they show in life that earns them respect in a society..why do they seem to be the teachers of life when in truth everyone has to lead a different life on a different path with different events and experiences… maybe its because they go through so many feelings that we all have to go through or are going through right teaches you a lot.and its biggest and favourite lesson is the lesson of thoughts and expressions,of love and anger,of guilt and remorse ..that every man has to go through.loss of parents to departure of love,loosing great friends to gaining new ones,shattered dreams to rebuilding new is Gods biggest creation no doubt.its not just because of our minds that has exalted us above angels.its because of the braveheart and ever positive quest of resisting all that life has to offer and moving on and on in building and renovating our dreams again ..its like a birds nest ,our dreams and quests, that we build in the safest and most secure part of our heart and when the storm of life comes and destroys it all,we cry at the very top of our voice and watch helplessly as the storm settles down…
but what happens the very next morning is that in the quiet of sunrise,u see the same bird gathering up more sticks to form a new nest ,a new hope,a new dream,a new even safer see the biggest trial to live a life is to actually live a life.
and so God has his own ways to test us,to soften up our hearts and strengthen up our minds to make a journey on our own .a journey through feelings that would eventually lead us to grey hair and wrinkled face with a big heart and a broad mind.a mind broad enough to see our past and smile at it just like that lord smiles at us dearly as we move on..


  1. hi!! its really intersting wht u write.but somehow reading everything u wrote tells me u r trapped in ur heart. u r trying to get out,move on but sme part of urs doesnt think tis z fair. u surely loved smbdy and lost but sticking to the memories,the belongings z not going to get u anywhere. u perhaps know when deamon makes a decision to bcme angel wht he does,wht he has to do? he has to stop doing everything he did,change his heart,change faith, confront and fight with his own emtions.

  2. like i said ,words are only tools to break through the darkness in my heart and confront the 'devil'..but its not the devil trapping me that is haunting..its you and your mind reading skills thats more scary at this moment :D
    but you are right.its one of the rules of Shams tabraizi's teaching..'Recognize your fears and confront them,fight them head on.thats the only way you can overcome them'..and yes,my every part thinks it isnt fair! 'one man's everything equals another's something,thats why we expect justice in the next world' thats the only thing we helpless human beings can do..hope for justice in the afterlife.right??