Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Fiction is an under-rated terminology when it comes to superheroes. I see paladins everywhere. They are walking around us in the real world, not just imaginations.
We all have one or more super powers. Its these skills that help us pass through life and emerge out triumphant.Unfortunately our minds are too busy waiting for one to fly or read minds,become invisible or  maybe escape time and space to jump from Eiffel tower to the Pyramids and back within seconds.

Eyes only see what mind knows. My mind has seen lenity and indifference,patience and impatience, positivity and negativity, hope and despair, wisdom and folly, whim and well planned leaps. I can see these energies walking all around. Some with capabilities effective enough to qualify as a super power.

I have seen men with such gifts in the world of emotions and dreams.In the horizons of sadness and screams. In the peaks of satisfaction and joyful streams.In the fierce storms and hopeful gleams.I have felt the effects of people around me and some forces i have absorbed in my soul,both positive and negative.

There is my world,a world I have made out of reality of people, out of realization of emotions. Its a world full of supermen. There are ones i called transducers.These people have the ability to convert energy from one form to the other.Take all your problems to them and they'll build something positive out of the darkest of pessimism.There are villains too who would radiate sadness despite the ambient love around them. Then there are men who can stick to patience for they rely on it at every step in life.They have impregnable  stoicism and fortitude, to overcome harshness of time.
A few recognize another great power within themselves, the power of stubbornness,stubbornness to stay unchanged maintaining their outlook outdated with the world.I see men with fashion walking in front of me fast and racing against time and there are a few pacific ones sitting beside me on the bench. They are the superheroes of impermeable calmness.Throw a thousand trials at them and you'll find their hearts serene and tranquil, still, like a lake.
There are some who grasp anything they see and save it forever in their head.They use their power of memory to beat the rest. Some with the superpower of voice ,voices so beautiful they could shake hearts around them. Others can absorb all powers.Vent out anything and they will absorb undisturbed!
They are walking talking laughing all around yet i see their hearts and souls,I see their minds and i see a million negatives yet only a scanty colorful positives can balance the universe.I see courage, I see cowardice, I see responsibilities and I see blame,I watch the running witty minds and i stare at the dumb ones, I see immaculate steadiness walking side by side with jittery souls,people who become exemplar of resilience and their opposites too.Its a beautiful world.Its amazing!It has heroes and it has villains.

So the question that remains, What is your superpower? Recognize your power if you want to come out strong and triumphant! Above all, do they make you a hero or a villain?!


  1. Writing gives you relief and reading what others have written gives a feeling that whatever you are facing have also been felt by some one else. while reading this wonderful creation of yours, this quote came in my mind, read it a few days back and i find it nothing, but an extension of your words.

    “Everybody is special. Everybody. Everybody is a hero, a lover, a fool, a villain. Everybody. Everybody has their story to tell.”

    ― Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

  2. thankyou for the comment.yess there is more to writing and reading than what is apparent it relieves u sets u free of the world and helps u know where u stand in life