Saturday, March 15, 2014

Of Injustice And Self-Immolation....(In Memory Of Victimized Pakistani Teen Who Died Of Self-Immolation)

Insanity... A word that entails in its meaning a universe of irrational and completely outrageous acts and thoughts that is incomprehensible to a normal mind.
I, only recently, was going through the news when an image,quite a paradoxical one,went by , of a woman completely immersed in flames and people in the surrounding running towards her trying to save her. Save from the world she was trying to get rid of. The very first word that popped up in my head was 'insanity'. It didn't last long, though.The emotions settling down deep within  made way for the sensitivity of the pain that lady went through.Soon it was over BBC webpage that the Pakistani sexually assaulted teen dies of self immolation.Apparently this reaction of the poor woman was courtesy of the fine judgement on part of our courts that set the devil rapist free of any guilt and ready to feed on another soul.
My writing an article here is neither to point out the latest developments nor is it to ensure justice be served to the defaulter.He would someday have to face the music himself too,let alone the judge.Allah is Akbar!
My typing out these words is merely an effort to solve the very anguish of perplexed kind, rising in my soul, of what that woman must have gone through as to have literally burnt herself alive?!
Lets just not kid ourselves.It maybe quite easy buying a liter of fuel and even easier pouring it all over yourself (considering how unfairly high the prices of fuel are for a poor man in our country),but it takes a far more hurt than hell fire to light up a match and throw it upon yourself! So what was that suffering that helped her take this audacious step.
Suicide and self pain is part of kufr in Islam so the judgemental clerics might already have declared her a kafir or maybe somebody never bound for paradise.But is it so?
The world sees her act from another perspective, not through her eyes. And so is the purpose of my writing. To try and realize what she went through,to unfold the extreme despair that made her self-immolate.
Hope sustains the world they say.Surely, hope must have deserted her heart.No wonder the miseries of this world got untenable.First was the rape, tearing apart her dreams and noble wishes.This  might have helped her arrange some fuel!
Next to come were the ugly remarks of society, fearless of God, further aggravating the pain, convincing her of getting a lighter fetched!
All she was left with was a final promise of consolidation at the hands of court that could have had the demon imprisoned. So she waits. Waits for something to stabilize her emotions.The lighter stays in,the bottle of petrol closed!
On comes  the actual catalyst moment that triggered lunacy . Court frees the beast to fly away with wings and live a respectable life! That would have been the final blow to her beliefs of this world.
I ,hitherto, thought its a world of colors and dreams.Any man can think optimistically since we all witness the same world.Unfortunately that was not the case for the victimized soul.She had tolerated the misery of getting raped and dilapidated dreams.She had survived the torment of so-called discernment through the day and distress of the night.When injustice traumatized her already tormented brain,it was more than enough.Her purpose was filled in this world, for there was no purpose left to live for.
Then comes that horrible moment of self immolation and men reaching out to save her and force her back into this world.What must have gone through her mind at that time caught in fire, only she and Allah knows.Dare my tiny cerebrum suggests she must still have not had any second thought about departing from her world!

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  1. Well wrote ameem bhai...It's always good while pointing out these kinds of social issues.In an Islamic state such as Pakistan these issues are a matter of serious concern for us.