Saturday, March 8, 2014


Do we have to blame life for everything? journey to a man is essentially the same for all particularly when talked about the spiritual attainment of destinies.Life throws into our court a thousand problems nature of which might be respectively different for all but the intensity is strong  enough to jitter the very fundamental beliefs one grows up in. Then why do I see one miserable person sitting next to a satisfied one. After-all the latter's satisfaction was never guaranteed at the time he/she was born, neither was the distress of the former.So one conclusion is established! misery and happiness is not something written in the stars but a courtesy of multiple factors one practically lives through.When in essence life is a test for all be it winners or losers,buoyant ones or dejected ones, Then why blame fate for being permanently miserable?

We are jailed behind the bars of diverse obsessions that we fail to solve despite being jaded throughout time. Some of us are victims to wishful thinking ,others just find it too hard to imagine what lies outside the cage.Some are caught badly in the iron rods of self righteousness ,others are busy venting and beating their wings to mark their imprisonment. But the most crucial of the compulsion of them all is the inherent trait of a human being to adjust to and resist any change in the surroundings.It is this quirk that makes melancholy and verve an ever lasting one!

Human body is a miracle.It can adjust to the changing climate and weather by keeping its core temperature to a fixed point. Quite similarly our minds work too in society.Dare I say its most unfortunate for a mind to resist to the changing lifestyle and exoteric influences.There is a beautiful quotations that goes something like                        'Life moves in a straight line while a human being revolves in circles'
Life keeps rolling forward in crests and troughs, maintaining its pace with time.There are good times and there are bad times. Unfortunately we human beings continue to challenge the motion and our minds get so acclimatized to a single time frame that the next frame becomes hard to comprehend.

Which brings me, again, to the focal point of my argument ,after the elaboration of causes and effects, Do we have to blame life for permanent miseries?

Some people experience sadness for such a long time that their mindset becomes adjusted to the negative influences.They think analyse and practically implement their decisions keeping despondency in mind until they fall in love with their miserable life.Love is blind and this blindness leads such people to reject any happy moments that come to them for it would demand a change in attitude and lifestyle.These are the class of social animals that would make sure no contentment comes to them or to anyone around. 'Cursed' wouldn't be an exaggerated term for such a class.Fate would shower them with happiness in-between but their blind and deaf minds find it difficult grasping such linear moments of joy as they are in continuous round motion of dark abyss of pessimism until they become sore losers and blame life,people and factors other than their personal responsibilities,for all the fiascoes.

The jolly ones work in a similar way except that no darker days can keep up with their bright radiating motion.Life may go downhill for them but their spirits remain high since they learn to respond casually to life and its events.
Every round motion emits energy. The darker psyche emits negativity which can be be felt in a social gathering.The brighter ones radiate photons of positivity that arms such people with the capability to brighten up the moods in the surroundings no matter how much dullness fate brings.

Recognize the bars you have enslaved yourself in and getting rid of them will make your motion streamlined with time and events! Recognize, lest you should start beating wings for no good reason