Thursday, July 25, 2013


The human body is working in a very artistic way, coordinating and reacting to predicaments , with every passing second. It thrives on oxygen or should we say , 'oxygen the life'. Every time the oxygen supply to the tissues decreases,the whole body responds to it and dilates its blood vessels to the affected area.Thus it increases the blood quantity at the site, to compensate for the lower levels of oxygen.
In a similar fashion, whenever crisis hits our life,be it our ambitions or goals,relations or deepest wants and wishes, we react. We 'dilate' our energy sources and invest more energy to the affected part of our life. We get worried. Pre-occupied by the thoughts of the ungranted wishes, we neglect the blessings of the present and become incongruous to the very passage of seconds,hours,days and years, that never return in this only life we have.
Relationships walk the path in a similar manner.Betrayal and hopelessness of one relation starts affecting our other relations too.and so this herd of men and women,all in the name of 'natural response' to the forsaken events, follow similar path to compromising their life,time,goals and above all,their energies, to keeping hold of one relation that was never meant to be oxygenated.Except there is a but in this whole equation.
We can choose a different path!
The path unique to only the wisest ones.A response full of calculations and considerations.Calculation of the time that could be saved, to spend with more sacred, more vital relations.Considerations of what is still there to be enjoyed than what has been lost.yes..THE PATH OF THE LUNGS!!!
In the human LUNGS, counteractions to the lower levels of oxygen are quite different.The lungs in all their mesmerizing wisdom and impeccable calculations and considerations, follow a different course than the rest of the pool.Instead of dilating the blood vessels to the affected area,they constrict them, instead.Thus shifting all the blood to the well oxygenated beatified areas where they could utilize their energy maximally.Turns out their investment yields them profits.The lungs follow a simple lesson of life that the remaining clan of body tissues as well as society in general, fail to follow.The lesson of 'ACCEPTING THE FAILURES AND LETTING GO'!
Let go of whatever travesty or worry befalls you and save your energies for what Allah has kept by you all this time yet your eyes were blind to.The blessings of parents,brothers,lasting friendships, love.The pleasures of sight, ability to hear and speak and walk and talk and laugh and breathe..Let go the failures and the fiascoes and hold on to the viable dreams.
            'The art of living lies in fine mingling of letting go and holding on' - Havelock Ellis

Bedazzled by the simple lesson taught to me by the lungs ,i cannot help thinking of 'Your' Oneness.Oneness in everything we do and everything we are.The similarities between reactions of human body and humankind,to the impending crisis speak sufficient enough, of how immaculately designed the universe is.There are those who shape up to become like the rest of the human body and then there are the sanctified ones lesser in number, who find enough guts to react like lungs.The question is 'which one of the two are you shaping into??

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