Thursday, May 23, 2013

So I Let It Fall Apart!

Tell them I tried hard
Remolding what was ripped apart
Victim to a vicious cycle
Of hopeless patches stitched together
But for every hope ,vanished another
So I let it fall apart
I let it all fall apart...

Every desperate expectation
dwelling in helpless atoms of my soul
Melted away in the heat
Every ounce of pain
I failed to contain
Started flowing away
Its hard to explain
Agony was the first to depart
So I let it fall apart
I let it all fall apart...

I lost time fighting the winds
Until my own being split within
Into bits of shattered dreams
Random bouts of rusted memories
Memories supposedly buried deep inside
Were floating away with every tide
Until I bowed to this reality of life
That fate is indeed a work of art
So I let it fall apart
I Iet it all fall apart...

My brain finally gave up
Setting my soul into wilderness free
Leaving my body best to the vultures plea
Ah! What to say of the old rapt heart
Beating its last to the illusions of love
Now I became a nothing
A nothing to my own self
A hollow that still echoes sometimes
Bitter sweet delusions of well being
Of  unheard laughters and music divine
Far far away into an ocean of the past
An untiring soul had breathed its last
Succumbed to the very fact that
I let it all fall apart!


  1. Sigh! clammed up after knowing it .. A suggestion: never let it fall apart! You and only you can make through it. Get broken and get utilized, do it, don't lose your heart. Don't you see that broken cloud pours rain, broken crop yields seed and broken soil sets as field..? Trust Him, trust the process.. :-)

  2. u don't even know what pain is

  3. hmm..i dont even know what pain is!?? thats quite an aggressive comment.but then again u are either God be reaching such a conclusion 'anonymous'..because if you are'nt..then you are too human to be judging if its the absence of any pain or the extreme numbness to all sorts of pain.

  4. well! Anonymous 2 , this poem can only be written from a broken heart.. After reading such a poemm you come up saying " u don;t even know what pain is".. sigh! you din't read it :-) .. If this person doesn't know that what pain is then no one else does and that's for sure .. don't you see a person has turned all numb and is letting everything fall apart. He probably has had enough by now. im sorry, but your comment sounds combative !

  5. And you, Amim Akhter, you please keep the formula of breaking it over and over again to get numb in real sens. That's the only solution, trust me. who's asking you to "make it then break it" ? you have nothing to do with this making thingy. Nature's gonna do it herself :-). like i said , trust the process! your pain produces some brilliant notes.

  6. thankyou so much for the wonderful words anonymous '1' ! :) trusting the process sir! trusting the process ! :) thankyou again....

  7. happy for you :-).. keep holding your vision, it's gonna astound you ..!!

  8. no sir m not God, but just thought ths wordly pains happen on differnt level, percieve by individual acording to circumstance, my apology if u taking it combative way. Allah SWT knows what to break and what to make and well ur friend thought good, nature best guide