Friday, October 4, 2013


Life has many stages in its effort to develop and nourish our minds.In its flow,life can give us calm,it can make us drill through tides in a forceful random manner and again bring calm to everything around us, as a gentle gesture of its power over our souls.Our soul is a helpless entity when it comes to directing life.It ,however, can be an equally potent tool when its capacity to learn from life, is called upon into action.

To simplify it all,take an example of a leaf floating peacefully in a lake until someone throws a pebble into the lake causing ripples.Soon the ripples surround the leaf from all sides and swing it in every direction as they will.With passage of time the ripples sink down and the leaf remains floating like it was ever before.

In a similar fashion,life throws a stone into the surroundings of our soul.Our soul that was, hitherto, enjoying a steady motion comes into the grip of forceful waves of ripples that are generated due to a setback thrown into the lake like a stone.It swings around, like the leaf,not taking control of its motion and gives away to the wave that randomly toss it in whichever direction it so desires. It is this point in time when the soul becomes helpless.But helplessness does'nt persist forever.Time heals everything.Time sinks down the waves and the soul,once again, is given an opportunity to relax and calm down.Though fate and life are watching our souls with a sheepish smile on their face and another stone in their hands,they wait and watch. Watch if the soul learns the lesson that life and fate is too complex for a soul to control.Watch if it is the intentional apathy of the soul or a deeper learning phase it is going through.

So life hits us in three key phases.I'll rather call them the PRE-RIPPLE, RIPPLE and POST-RIPPLE phase.

In the recent events of life, I witnessed a Pre-ripple phase.A blink of setback that caused chaos in my peaceful life.That blink second of setback when the stone hit the waters was never taken seriously until...Until the waves hit me.The ripples distracted me from my peaceful journey as i blindly and endlessly opened my soul,like a book, to a wide variety of forces.Each force tossing my soul randomly in every direction. Life was no more in my control,waves were too fast and hard to grasp and little by little I started to feel the waters running through my airways.I knew my soul was no longer in my hands. I felt breathless..Until it all went dark and wet.....

And then...I saw light again.I felt the surface again.The ripples had faded away. All so sudden.Those tides that so sullenly made me believe I was no more me,faded away like they were never there.Like it was just a game,a prank to cause my senses to wake up fresh as a neonate.Just to let me realize how it felt to breathe a new life.

So now I am in the post-ripple phase where i am quiet and away again.Away from society and its forces,away from sentiments and temptations of the waves and I lie still often daring to look at the next stone that life carries in its hands,ready to be thrown into the lake again.But O well,as long as its peaceful,as long as I am back to being myself and as long as the next ripples come by haunting me....its time to give the soul some time to understand what life and journey to eternity is all about.

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