Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Of Eyes And Mind..Of God And Mankind

A clear sunny day marked with cold winds from the north,sitting on a mountain peak, tall grass dancing around me,dancing and laughing with the winds and trees swirling a knowledgable motherly smile,i see the distant cliffs.My eyes mesmerized by beuty and splendor of nature.A thought pops up in my head, bringing an overwhelming educated smile on my lips too,like the trees.Overwhelmed by the very thought of knowing all the answers. Is it the satisfied heart or the happy soul of mine that inspired my eyes to appreciate the work of God? Is this what philosophy of life is all about when it says that all is one! Our soul,our surroundings ,the universe filled with oneness.Wholeness that i see in trees and my lips that are in harmony with god and His ways. The world,they say, is nothing but our own state of mind. Why ,after all these years ,when such a day has come a million times before,have i thought of this oneness today!why was I not au fait with it before?

Suddenly i felt waves of knowledge surging to explode my heart from within,a whisper from the core of my soul,it said,
'A beautiful painting is a direct reflection of a painter's heart.'
I pondered my mind out and doors began to open one by one.Doors locked in me somewhere deep,carrying answers to the truth about God.Answers that were buried all this time in my soul,by the dirt of worldly teachings taught to me since childhood by humans.
And i thought of the scenery in front of me, the love that mother carries for her child, the emotions of fraternity that let us stand united,the shores that collect sand from endless times,the freshness that a newborn's cheek bears,the shine in his eyes.All speak of God as evermore benignant ,smiling that affectionate smile.I see everything as one.Oneness of the universe fitting perfectly in my one soul,oneness of nature's love and compassion adjusting immaculately  in my one heart.Everything essoterically and exoterically becoming one.All one created by the one.A thousand questions having different doorways but leading ultimately to the one!The beautiful one!The ever so forgiving one who calls us for repentance everytime we lose our track.The caring one who guarantees His love as seventy times more than that of a mother's. Who laughs at our mistakes and says 'its ok'come come again'. Who is still optimistic to be sustaining the world despite all the wickedness of mankind.
I felt buoyant,enthralled by the very implications of this knowledge.The world seemed brighter to explore,life felt real and joyous.My soul felt freer than ever before.Free and open to fly high. But then there was another whisper.an answer to the freedom of soul.

'They don't want your soul to be free,they want their hold over your soul and the society's too..'

So it dawned upon me as to why the great philosophy of life always faced the wrath of clerics and leaders of times. Philosophy gave the answers to finding God in your soul and setting your soul free. Clerics ,on the other hand,justified their superiority and hold over societies by depicting only the wrath of the Almighty.This concept let the male dominated societies to manipulate our faith with the man-made traditions,filled with fear of becoming a victim to God's anger and punishment, to keep their say and hold over our souls.
God has made each soul independently,God has put before us the whole universe that speaks so audibly of his kindness and patience,His clemency and magnanimity. Searching our souls for the answers thus would jeapordize the very credibility and impact of our religious leaders.Setting souls free would break us of all the worldly traditions that keep us entangled in the complexities and rules of society.Finding the truth,the ultimate truth,would let us feel no more afraid of the materialistic concepts about God.

What more clear message can God give to human beings when even through His worship,He is trying to teach us to do good with fellow humans.Prayers help us shun vanity and realize that despite the worldy luxuries we are still answerable to Him.Men of all classes standing in prayers shoulder by shoulder clearly a sign from God that He sees all with the same love.Giving alms makes our soul pious and ramadan builds patience in our anxious worried selves.When God clearly says that i can forgive you for everything but the evil you have done with other human beings,that can only be forgiven by the respective soul. Naive and small as we are,we feel exalted and enlightened over the ones who dont worship.who dont offer prayers. How can we even judge any other soul when the power of judgement lies in God's hands.

But ignoring the human characters rusted with hypocrisy,I see this strange new expression of God.It was there all this time in my very own heart yet my eyes couldnt see before.This God who had always been the most merciful and the most benificent,the GOd whose love for His creations seems as endless as the universe itself.The GOd who inspires us to dare set our souls free of worldly traditions and finding him embracing and rewarding our souls with freedom and paradise.I see the real God as the most understanding one.And it all sparks hope in my very blood.hope of great times to come.hope of becoming as innocent as a neonate,again, with time.hope of repenting over my sins and i close my eyes and feel His miracles in my mind and i dare ask Him one question.
His reply opens up new paths in my JOURNEY TO ETERNITY...


  1. beutiful!! “The searching-out and thorough investigation of truth ought to be the primary study of man.” – Cicero

  2. thankyou anonymous. yes finding out the truth is indeed the primary goal yet not many know the journey begins from our very soul.thankyou!