Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Among the great creations of God, human brain catches our eyes the most. It’s got the higher center called cortex that is responsible for what we call a civilized way of living. Where thoughts and emotions reside. Where faith dwells to run an evil free society. Where unconditional love resides .love for fellow beings. The thoughts of sacrifice and living for others. It’s the humane part of the brain that justifies living a good life and having faith in good.
But the human brain with all its magnificence has still got in its core, a primitive part that acts more like an icon of survival. It’s got the instincts of an animal.
They say when starvation takes the better of man, it first consumes your fats and muscles and later shuts down all the unwanted organs. Still further it reaches your brain where lights go out in the higher centers (the humane centers) leaving only the primitive core part working. That’s when the self-proclaimed bestest of creature that we see in a human being takes the form of animal. History is rich with stories of noble men on voyages where starvation for months turned them into monsters eating flesh of their own kind for survival. So why this paradox. To run a society u need religion and faith and beliefs but when it comes to self-survival and escaping death your humane brain fires away and leaves the game in the hands of primitive animal core??

Growing up and completing 25 years of my life has been a great journey for me. There were times when faith would shine in all its colours and glamour. When I believed that the only true happiness and satisfaction lied in making others around me happy. The belief that good always wins no matter how powerful the evil is. But time passively teaches you certain realities that you avoid facing. Too ashamed you feel to confront such harsh truths. When at times of trial, faithlessness paving its way inside your mind makes you see only the demise and destruction of all the things you stand for. Logic and omens run away and you are left with only 'you’. Nothing to stand for and nothing to fall for..

Just like those sailors lost in the sea, I was lost in the aimless life. They had starvation to shut down their humane brain. I had faithlessness to do likewise. Their wild primitive core made them cannibals. Mine, well, mine made me realise that the key to survival in this world lies in good bargains. Bargains in faith, beliefs, even in love. I realised that things taught to me in the past had little weightage in practical life. That friendships come with compromises. That love is unconditional only in books. That in order to become a successful man one needs to do good business. That happiness lies in giving only but survival lies in taking  too. Life with all its perplexed events can never truly bring faith and survival on the same page.

What i am starting to think..What i am starting to that maybe our humane brain part never really was the biggest wonder. That maybe it’s this primitive old ignored part of the brain, the only common in man and animal ..Maybe this part is the essential of life.
'fight for survival' and 'survival of the fittest’...No wonder why Darwin is considered faithless atheist. It’s because he was indeed the devil's advocate...

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