Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Paths Of Randomness

I see a strange connection between the paths of nerves running wildly through my brain and those of life, marked with unpredictability.There are a thousand paths I've followed and millions more to come in life.Some leading to the disappointing ends ,others yielding the fulfillment of most sacred dreams I had.
so then Why do people lead a very conscious life when these paths of randomness have no fixed pattern.Do we little beings have any control over them?

If not,then Why life, more than often, brings us to a point in time where all other roads end and we are given a choice to opt between only two.Black or White! One road leading to the risky jungles of love and compromises,of risks and consequences ,of happiness and sadness of extreme nature.While the other tells a tale of deserts of monotony and lifelessness,of sands and smoothness,of waking up and sleeping down every day without an element of change.

It is this stage in life where even our neurons are brought to a halt .As if there is a perplex link between the paths of life and those in our head ,both ending up together at this contrasting point of bifurcation.Both cease to grow any further.

Such are the times when we realize our life has  stopped , like a caravan , that calls it a day and rests up to build enough energy first ,to prepare for the fateful journey.The camels are rested and the loads taken off.The head of the caravan weighs the options ,looks into his past and predicts the future, analyzing if he would be able to make it through the days to come.

A similar picture pops up in our heads too when our mind is left with only black or white to chose from.The neurons stop working as if they've called it a day, leaving us to figure out the confusions ourselves.Its this turning point of time in our life when either we become the head of our own caravan and actively contemplate our desires and beliefs,our resolve and strengths to undergo the greatest most dramatic journey of life or we become the weaklings and leave this onerous responsibility in the hands of fate and follow the safer monotonous root to eternity.

One way or the other , whatever be the path actively or passively, chosen by us, whatever be the repercussions,good or worse, years from now when our skin is pale and hair grey and we look back into our life and remember the night our camels sat and our caravans rested and life had generously given us the option to chose the destiny for ourselves, we must then stand by our decisions and take the responsibility for what became of our life.

The bold ones who take matters in their own hands,on the fateful turn in life,would easily take the fame or the blame for the results.The problem lies with the other class that gives up their wits,to the vagueness in their heads.They would even by the last breath ,continue to blame their fates,for they are made this way.They are born to follow than be followed,to drift with the flow than be the flow,to see what life had taken away than what life has given in return.

In short , the fate maybe written up there ,the strings may be controlled by the higher force but the true finality to our fates lies with us.Its up to us if we take the charge of our mind and reach for the glory or fall a victim to our nerves and blame fate for the disarray.

'THE PATHS OF RANDOMNESS are, in fact, the paths we create ourselves!'


  1. -hope you'v come across paulo coelho's 'the alchemist' for it is surely one book that plays a different string in you soul every time you read it, in accordance to the very relevant, very 'now' experiences life is handing you, at that particular chapter in your life.
    There is this interaction between the sheperd boy and a mysterious old man in the beginning of the book and you article has made me contemplate and perhaps understand this one paricular part of their conversation :
    (boy) what's the world's greatest lie?
    (old man) it's this, that at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what's happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. that's the world's biggest lie
    and yes - our concious decisions do and will always steer our paths, (along with ofcourse God's greater design ) hence the moment the caravan is parked in the desert and such moments of decison making come, well we have to realise the momentous power of that moment and choose between the black and white in all their relative glory with full attention to this moment, because such moments don't come every so often

  2. beautifully corelated with the shephard and the old man story ,anonymous..u gave completion to my thought here..thankyou so much.